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Everything started at the age of 20 when I embarked on a conscious journey to find answers to questions concerning the creation of the universe, its meaning, and purpose. My quest began as a discreet suggestion from nature, after loosing sight in one eye.

This “loss” motivated me to look for answers to fundamental questions about God, life and man’s free will.

Ensyntropy is founded for all people with open heart and will in order to broaden their mind, to change their thinking and to release themselves from the illusions and the stereotypes that our current society imposes. 

Nikolaos Divinis, PhD

Founder of ensyntropy


Ensyntropy comes from the greek words “En-“, and  “syntropy”. 

  • En- means enosis (unity)
  • syntropy derives from the words “syn” (together) and “tropos” (direction)

Collectively, it signifies towards a common end or convergence. Syntropy is a term used in scientific and philosophical contexts to describe the tendency of systems to evolve towards order. It is not as commonly used as its counterpart, entropy.

Therefore, ensyntropy is the coming together in unity.


Ensyntropy is a company founded on a philosophical initiative. In essence, it embodies a force guiding towards a unique and esoteric path characterized by ethos, asceticism, and harmony.

The realization of these ideals is facilitated through education.

Education in the context of Ensyntropy:

  • Helps to halt overthinking by trusting core beliefs
  • Provides a guiding compass of principles to navigate the cacophony of expert opinions
  • Instills the wisdom not to listen to elusive tales of success


Ensyntropy’s educational approach incorporates Hermeneutics Praxis, a method of interpretation that seeks a deeper understanding of meaning and application. This practice is integrated into both seminars and online courses, enhancing the overall learning experience.

  • Seminars: Utilizing seminars as a platform to actively engage with individuals in a live setting. These events feature speeches that share personal experiences, insights, and practical applications of Ensyntropy’s principles. Seminars provide an interactive space for participants to pose questions, engage in discussions, and gain a profound understanding of the philosophy.
  • Online courses: Ensyntropy offers structured courses designed to provide a systematic and in-depth exploration of its principles. These courses cover various aspects including philosophy, ascetic practices, and practical strategies for leading a more intentional and liberated life. Examples of these courses include:
      • “The Quest for the Philosophical Stone”
      • “Redefining Principles in Life”
      • “Judge and Judgement” etc.
  • Online classes and private tutoring: Are available for the following subjects at all levels of education: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Principles of flight, theoretical knowledge instruction for professional pilots.

Our Team

Nikolaos Divinis
Nikolaos Divinis
Nikolaos Divinis
Chrysostomos Giannoulakis
Nikolaos Divinis
Lamprini Tzelepi
Nikolaos Divinis
Eugenia Noidou
Nikolaos Divinis
Katharina Dohms
Nikolaos Divinis
George Savvopoulos
Nikolaos Divinis
Stavros Skopetos
Nikolaos Divinis
Georgios Chrysopoulos
Nikolaos Divinis
Nikolaos Divinis
Antonia Demetriou
Nikolaos Divinis
Dimitrios Gkoridis
Nikolaos Divinis
Vaya Vasila
Nikolaos Divinis
Thomas Itsios
Nikolaos Divinis
Thomai Trifon
Nikolaos Divinis
Vasiliki Spanou
Nikolaos Divinis
Georgia Oslianiti
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Stefanos Lygnos
Nikolaos Divinis
Anastasios Kontokostas
Nikolaos Divinis
Sharon McKay
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